Saturday, February 25, 2012

Volunteer Valentine Party

One of our Highlights during the year is our winter volunteers.  We have a group of retired folk who come and help with maintenance items here on campus.  Last year we were blessed with a couple from North Dakota, Wayne & Judy.  They took it upon themselves to throw us a Valentine Party.  I never thought a party would be such a blessing but it was.  And, I've never walked away from a party with such gratitude before.  This year Wayne & Judy came back and did it again.  And again I walked away gleaming at how much fun I had,  and how very encouraged we felt. 

When Judy throws a party, in order to eat, we have to work to get our dinner.  Last year our table had to sing a song with love in it.  This year our table had to write a poem containing at least one reference to Valentine's Day and one reference to Love, and had to be four verses long. Piper loves writing poems so we set her to the task but her brain was in need of dinner.  
So Ace stepped in and helped her out.
We were the last table to read our poem.  Don't you just love Cherry waiting patiently?  I'm pretty sure her fork is being used as a person.
Piper reading our poem.

Our gift is not one of rhyme
But is one of Valentine.
We may be kind of late,
But I want food on my plate!
I am getting in a mood 
that means I want FOOD!!!
I want to say something about Love
But it's hard when in my mouth 
there is a milk chocolate Dove.

After Dinner the games were started lots of laughter.  My favorite quote from Judy was if you want to win a prize there has to be pain.  Those were not quite here words but it was something along that line.  

Oreo cookie on the forehead game working down to the mouth.  I've seen this game all over the internet so I know you've tried it. Notice, Ace doing his usual stand and watch and not participate.  He's excuse, was he was still eating his cupcake.
It's the kids turn.  Notice, Gustie doing the same thing?  HA! Ace says she's not like him, but she's like me.  I think Gustie looks like her ma but has Ace's brain.
Sam, Aurora, & Stormie participate in a game.  It's two pop bottles taped together with gumballs inside.  The first team to get them down to the other end is the winner.
Each age group got a turn

Ace & Paul need to use chopsticks to move conversational heart from one bowl to another.  Time to be a missionary from China.
Here we have, Larry & Kim kissing for the "how many kisses can you give your spouse in 60 seconds game".  The lipstick the ladies put on, did not do a good job leaving its mark, so there was a do over request. However the audience voted that Larry & Kim put on the best show leaving them to win the prize.

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