Saturday, October 28, 2006

Introduction to Glidewell Family

Hi, we are the Glidewells.

1. We believe God created us to honor and glorify Him.
2. Our family is a team whose goal is to live #1 (above).
3. We feel God has led us to serve with New Tribes Mission (so others can live out #1 above).

Some fun things about the Glidewells:
1. Ace and Ang were not dating or courting in any way when he proposed to Ang, and seven months later they were married!
2. Our kids names all have significant meanings and an aviation theme.
3. Our home is filled with fun and laughter! We love our kids and hope for more!
4. The Glidewells love Ice-Cream.
Some fun things about Ace:
1. Ace loves mountain biking.
2. He likes gooey goopy extra sugery rich Ice-Cream.
3. Ace likes to make things with his hands: he made a hovercraft from scratch when he was in high-school.
4. Ace has been flying airplanes for almost 20 years.
Some fun things about Ang:
1. Ang likes scrapbook.
2. She likes plain vanila soft serve Ice-Cream.
3. Ang is gifted with her hands: She can sew, cook, decorate, and in general, compete with Martha S.
4. Ang does not like to be called "Angie".


Anonymous said...

Great Post guy's! Welcome to the blog world. We're exited to read and see more things on your blog as the year goes on.

*Good to know about the ice cream...

-Kane Family

Loni said...

Yes! Welcome to the blog world! :) This will be nice to keep updated on you! BUT, you need an updated picture to show off Samuel! :)

When you are home, we will have to have an ice cream dessert party. I don't think anyone will mind here either! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! You made a blog! I'm so glad... you need to check out the canoeing pictures on my blog!