Friday, June 08, 2007

Today's Projects

Today went a lot better! It felt like progress was made. Today we made our kitchen table and seating. Piper and I tied each stick down to the frame. I actually enjoyed the work. Ace worked some more on the stove by putting the chimney on. It struggled to go on so he pounded it and a lot of my clay crumbled off my stove. One small set back. As I was re- mudding or should I say re claying a friend, (Joan), came buy and helped out she was like a breath of fresh air. Ace continued on to making our shower he dug a two foot hole in the ground and Gustie filled it with small rocks it was hard work but she has strong arms and back muscles that most little kids her age don't have. Way to go Gus! Sam was more pleasant to be around Mom remembered to bring snacks & toys. :-)

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Julie said...

Hey, lookin' good, Glidewells!! I'm impressed. Your stove looked good in earlier pictures, too (looked like it was coming well, I wasn't finished in the pics I saw). Anyway, keep up the good work!

And a note to you girls: That's great that you're being such a big help to your parents! Way to go!!