Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Taking The Long Way Home

On our way home from MI. to FL. Ace had a business trip which detoured us to Minneapolis Minnesota. COLD Not Just COLD but WINDY COLD! We knew it would be but still the body is torchered. While we were there waiting for business to be taken care of we visited the Mall of America. Very Big! We treated each child with a roller coaster ride of their choice. You can buy individual tickets for each ride this made it affordable. We did see about 80% of the mall and had a great time window shopping. I told Ace the hardest thing about leaving the Mall of America was not buying anything. How can anyone walk away from a mall that big and not buy anything? Our favorite store was the Lego store lots of hands on. We played for an hour.

When the business trip was over we headed home. We have friends (Ace's good friends from BJU days) in Des Moines, Iowa so we stopped to say Hi! We had the wrong phone number for their home so it was a total surprise for our family to show up on their door step smack dab at dinner time. They were so excited to see us and were even prepared to have us for the night. The Cox's have four boys and when we visit their church it is fun to see the grannies match up our children. We had a great time Thanks Cox Family!

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