Monday, September 29, 2008

He's Back

Can you spot the air marshall?
The Cabin Ace stayed in.
Beauty in Northern America.
Can you see the people on the trail?
Ace while in training, they all went by numbers instead of names and Ace was "01"
More of God's beauty.
Last stop to see the Kodiak,
750 HP the ultimate SUV airplane!

Ace told me a lot about his trip. I 'm glad I didn't have to go. Thanks Cherokee! He did learn a lot of valuable information and was emotionally and physically challenged. We just pray he will never be in a situation where he will have to use his training.
I just want to include a special Thanks to our military men who do face these situations.

1 comment:

~joanne said...

I'm guessing the Air Marshall was the lady on the left with the sunglasses I right???

She looks to be undercover...unsuspecious....looking totally unaware. But behind those glasses.....

Cute cottage!