Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lunch At Mc Donalds

The other day we went to McDonald's for lunch. As we walked into the building behind us was a teenage boy who was dressed in black and looked like his primary job was to skateboard. He blurted out "What a gigantic family, Dude! I have to stand behind a gigantic family at McDonald's." We kindly let him go first as it takes us awhile to decide what to order. Ordering for five children takes more than a minute. I think it would take less time if I didn't ask everyone what they wanted.

When it was our turn to step up to the register and place our order we were approached by a lady who asked us if we would be offended if she bought us lunch? She explained that her mother came from a large family and she and her husband were both in the military and only had one child and had plenty to live on. We said no we would not be offended if she paid for our meal. She then looked at our total and asked if we were done ordering. We said yes and she was surprised. We wondered why she was surprised. Our total was only $16.00, yet we were over the amount we normally spend at McDonald's! Usually McLunch runs $14.00 for our family to eat at McDonald's.

LOL We just praise the Lord for unbelievers who are used thru God to bless our family.

I really don't think we have a gigantic family - see the Duggar family , now that's a gigantic famiy!
The other night we watched Cheaper By The Dozen the 1950 version. Mr. Gilbreth said to Mrs. Gilbreth "honestly, you have to wonder what families with only 5 or 6 children do with themselves."


writingcanvas said...

What a blessing! :)

I enjoyed catching up on your blog and seeing your pics - even the "poopy" one! :)

~joanne said...

That is soooo guys always have the best stories of God's provision!!

Holly's Homepage said...

That is so neat how God blesses us through people we don't even know.