Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Whats A Swamp Cooler?

An outside view of the swamp cooler.
An inside view of the swamp cooler.

Because of low humidity during most of the year, many of the homes are equipped with "swamp coolers", or "evaporative coolers". Here are the instructions to using the swamp cooler.

1.) In order for a swamp cooler to cool, there must be air flow out of the house. Therefore there MUST be a window opened at least 5-6 inches at each end of the home.

2.) The evaporator pad MUST be wet in order to cool the air. First, turn the indicator to PUMP for approximately five minutes.

3.) Turn the indicator to either HIGH COOL or LOW COOL to provide cool air.

Other than being loud it keeps the trailer home just as cool as an air conditioner but uses less power.

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