Monday, March 02, 2009

Speaker in the House and other fun pics.

Ace, was asked to give the devotional to the Awana kids. He talked to the kids about a choice they had to make choosing the cross or choosing Hell.
I thought I would show you what a southern Awana game floor looked like. I wish I had taken a picture of the game floor in Florida because it was a grass game floor and they used colored ropes that looked like colored fire hoses for color lines. Anyways, the games get more interesting during the winter when the sun sets early and all we have for light is a yard light. One evening when our family was unable to be at Awana there was a rattlesnake close to the game floor.
Ace and his Sparky class.
Our game director Pam she does such an awesome Job. I've never seen anyone direct games as well as she does. What I like about her is she always opens up game time with a word of prayer and closes with a word of prayer. At the end of game time she tells everyone the positive sportsmanship she saw. Sometimes it was a whole color line or just an individual. She well let everyone know what it is. One thing I've noticed about Sparkys is that they quit early and sit out if they don't want to play. Pam will draw all her Sparkys attention to that one child who called it quits and who later came back to the game to give it another try.
Here she is working with Aurora who grabbed the wrong bag and confused all the others when doing so. By the way who dressed that child?

Yeah! A second try for Aurora! Way to go RO!
YUM, this is what we smell all during game time. If only they were open. I guess it's a good thing.
Ace giving his speech to the Sparky group.

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