Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tea & Wii

The ladies in our class decided that we needed to get together and have some bonding time. So, once a month we gather at someones home and hang out. This month we got together at Courtney's home and she introduced us ladies to Bubble Tea and Wii music.
Here it goes..... Cathy and I are giving our Bubble Tea a try.
The tea is a combination of green tea, soy milk, and sugar. The interesting part was the bubbles. You can see the black beads floating in our cups. They are tapioca pearls. The pearls have no flavor. The best I can do at describing the tapioca pearls is it taste like flavorless gummy bears.
After watching Cathy and I try the tea, Fitria and Martha have a try.
Next we all have a turn at the Wii. Cathy and I made it through the song without getting booed of the stage. Yeah!
Fanty & Fitria looked so good they really need to start their own band in Indonesia.


Anonymous said...

Sounds fun!
DeAnna M

Holly's Homepage said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Whenever I try anything like that, I can't get finished with one song, I think I would do better with Karoake.