Monday, July 27, 2009

A New Dinning Table

We were in the market for a dinning table for three years. We had put this purchase on hold until it was determined which country we would be serving at. Some countries have furniture available there but not in others; so we might have to bring our own. We were unsure where we were going until this past winter.
Now that the decision has been made to stay and serve here in McNeal, Arizona, we have been on a mission to purchase a dinning table that would fit our family. We have spent many hours on Craigslist looking for the perfect table. After much searching, we found one we liked. That same day we received an email from a friend who was down sizing and wanted to give us her table - free! So to save money which is tight we choose the free one. A savings of $375.00!


Carrie said...

Thats wonderful! I hope you enjoy many meals together at your new table!

~joanne said...

AWESOME...God always provides at just the right time!

I comend you & Ace for being good 'waiters' are great examples! Kudos!