Thursday, August 06, 2009

One Year Old

To our little Cherokee "Cherry Pie" or "Baby Cheekie",
We are so Thankful you are part of our family! You are such a happy laid back baby. It is such pure joy to take care of you. There has never been a Glidewell baby that has been so fought over. All of your sisters and brother want a part of taking care of you. There were many times Mommy had to tell all your siblings that you were my baby and I want to take care of her. We love to see you smile, dance and blabber. You are a Daddy's little girl your face always lights up when he comes into the room. So many wonderful things you have accomplished in your short little life. We can't wait to see all you will accomplish this coming year.



Holly said...

I love the picture. And it sure would be neat to meet your precious little girl who is growing up quickly. Before you know it you will be sending her off to university. I can't believe our little baby girl will soon be leaving us.

Mama K said...

Actually, it looks like before you know it she'll be driving herself off to university!! Very cute picture!

the kirklands said...

I love this picture! Happy Birthday Cherokee! Her sweet little dress and barefoot tootsies are just perfect.