Thursday, September 03, 2009

Mr. Mom

Angela left Ace with the family from Friday the 28th until Wednesday the 2nd, an act of faith.

Friends offered Ace much encouragement on Facebook, and we thought we'd share some of the dialogue here:

Fri 28th: Ace has the kids all to himself while Ang is away for the next few days! . . . where is the cereal? Has anyone seen Sam? Whadya mean that shirt doesn't fit?? - oh, it's not yours, sorry. No, I don't know where your cup is. Or your... shoes. Go find a sister to put a band-aid on it - it will heal. . .eventually. You gotta wait at least a full sixty-seconds after dinner before asking for a snack! Yes, PB&J again.

At this point, one reader suggested a Youtube video: "Mr. Mom". Click here to watch.This video / song pretty much sums it up. This is a noteworthy exception to my opinion that the FCC should ban Coutry Music from the airwaves.

Sun 30th: Went shopping, and successfully bought more than just Doritos. Took the kids swimming, none drowned. Another lady took the girls into the changing room, which solved a potentially awkward situation. Sam dropped his shorts and ...was taking aim at a chair leg by the pool, but I arrived in time to haul him to the boy's room. Had a picnic; remembered the food, but forgot all the plates, cups, tools.

Mon 31st, AM:
Got up early and went to work before kids got up; left cerial, milk, and bouls out hoping they could figure it out. Came home at break to find kids eating cerial with fingers. Duh, forgot the spoons. Had a nice ham and peanut butter sandwich for lunch - a new one for me.

Mon 31st PM: All was well till suppertime, couldn't find the seasoning for the taco meat. Looked desperately thru entire house. About to order a pizza, when seasoning was found in crock pot on top of fridge. Almost lost sanctifi
...cation over that one. Right after supper, with full, happy tummies, kids jupped on neighbor's trampoline and

Angela checks in:
Ang is having so much fun realxing, eating, shopping, talking, watching chick flicks,and having spa momments. AHHHH! The peace and quiet!

And Ace replys:
Ace is also having his own sort of "AHHHHH!" moments. Usually followed by "What did I step in?!", or "You put WHAT in my coffee?!"

Tue 1st: Had Ravioli for dinner. Forgot how "empty" Ravioli is, everyone was hungry before the dishes were clean. (Actually, that might be true most of the time. . . ) so instead of cooking another dinner at 7PM, we just made cookies. Was a good day- most of house swept & mopped, cleaned under the couch cushion's (more of an archaeological dig). That the pot of coffee was gone at 4pm might be a clue?

One reader writes in that while the Mom was away, the family ran out of Dish soap, and Dad substituded the Car-Wash soap! See? I'm not the only resoursefull guy out there. I wonder if, in a pinch, 10w30 can be used to keep pancakes from sticking to the skillet?

Wed 2nd:
Got up early to make oatmeal and put supper in a crock pot. Crisis level of tired today. Came home for lunch to find meal burnt, except for a gooey core in the center. Salvaged meal by adding a cup of water, stirring the ch...arcoal ring and the goo in the middle all together, and turning the crock on Low. Also, found out hamburger was supposed to be cooked ahead when Ang arrived home. Yeah!

Now that Ang is home, Ace is off to get the fire extinguisher re-filled, put the furniture back up-right, and tell the rest of the kids it's safe to move back in now. . . "MOM"S HOME! !"


~joanne said...

Enjoy your 'Crazy' life!

Whatleys' World said...

Ahhh.... I feel like my week hasn't been so bad! :) You are too funny, Ace. Love the commentary and view of your days as Mr. Mom. :) yeah for having Ang back!!! Horah!

Joan said...

hahaha! I wonder what the kids would write about their time with Mom gone...
10W30?!! Eww! But Matt's grandpa sprays it on his arthritic knuckles.