Friday, October 23, 2009

There's A Hole In My Floor Dear Liza

When we first moved in, the floor was very soft next to the door. I guess a year and two months time it finally caved in.
I love having a maintenance team hear on campus. Imagine a honey to do list never growing long. All I have to do is put in a slip of paper and the next day they are on it.
The goal is to do as little as possible as all the trailers on campus are going to be hauled away at some point.
The kids enjoyed Mr. Guimond pronounced "G-ee-Mon" its French and the Guimonds are from Maine almost another country too.
We hardly got any school work done as they really loved watching Mr. Guimond work, especially Sam.


Holly Dyck said...

Good thing you got the hole covered up quickly. We don't want any snakes finding their way into your house. When we were in the tribe and it was a plane day. It would takes hours out of our day. It was just so exciting to see someone from the outside world.

Liz and Darcy Dueck said...

Say hi to the Guimonds for us. We were together in Guinea at one point.