Saturday, March 13, 2010


We started February off with celebrating Groundhogs day with Dirt Cake. Yummy!

So many majestic views of the mountains and sky. It really makes up for the loss of green and color we don't get living here in the desert. I love the mountains peeking their tops out of the clouds.

Ace is always giving tours to friends who come through to visit. Our kids always have questions and are always asking what is behind that door? Not having time to answer their questions because he is busy giving the tour to company he decided to schedule a visit with the family

Front office Door

First stop is the bulletin board in the front offices that holds photos of all our Aviation missionaries. Gus is pointing to where her Grandparents live.

A detour first to see the Kodiak get fueled up.

These are mailboxes for all the countries we serve in. Each mailbox holds airplane parts that that particular country is asking for.

Everyone gets to sit in an airplane and try it out.

Everyone gets to sit in a Helicopter and try that out too.

Then we also get to look at Daddy's project he's been working on, and frustrated with. Its a golf-cart that NTMA bought to help start the Kodiak and to help push the Kodiak in and out of the hanger. The Kodiak is a big bird and it takes a lot of men to move it.

Ace spent a weekend in Phoenix taking apart this school gym. A Christian school gave NTMA a gym for our campus. We just have to disassemble move it and resemble. Lots of work! The Sowers
were here to help when everything came to a screeching halt and we found out we needed an inspection for hazardous materials and a dissembling work permit. Ugh.

Piper turned 12 years old.

February 22-26 we had Spiritual Emphasis Week. This is were we come together in the mornings and listen to a special speaker and sing Hymns and Praise & Worship songs and just be encouraged and refreshed to continue on with the fight.

Justin & Courtney are leaving us to serve in Indonesia. They were our classmates when we first arrived here in McNeal. They are the last of our fellow training student to leave here.

iper is singing a Praise song and Cherokee is enjoying her a.m. snack during intermission.

This is what our family looked like the whole week of Spiritual Emphasis: sitting on the floor coloring, doing schoolwork, and listing to the Speaker.

The teenagers sang and played Praise and Worship music on Thur. & Fri. They did an awesome job. (Just a side note - The public schools here had a budget cut last year so now there is no school on Fridays.)

Our speaker was Greg Sanford we really enjoyed listening to his stories of his life growing up as an MK and also serving with NTM as and adult. He currently is helping NTM's Wayumi ministry. "Wayumi", you ask well just click on the word Wayumi and see for yourself.

Our next adventure was a scheduled working date. Ace and I planned on getting a babysitter and going to Tucson and running some errands followed by dinner together. As we were driving to Tucson he pulled out tickets to the musical "Fiddler on the Roof"!! Then he said that was not all.......He planned a night at a Bed & Breakfast! WOW! I actually got butterflies in my stomach. He even planned on a place for the kids to stay and packed my bags. Now a little bit about me, NOTHING gets past me I always discover surprises before they are given. This one I didn't even see coming. AMAZING!
On our way to our wonderful weekend Ace said he felt led to stop at the Hospital and visit our friend Billy Haslam who just retired from NTM last May. Recently his health has been failing and he was given two more days left to live. We wanted to stop by and say good-bye. We arrived 1/2 hour to late; Billy went home to be with His Lord and Savior. We were glad to be there to help his wife Loretta and comfort her during this time. The Memorial Service was in March and was a wonderful time spent in celebrating his life here on earth.

Our Bed & Breakfast the name Jeremiah Inn came from Jeremiah 9:2a "Oh that I had in the dessert a lodging place for travelers..."

Front view

Us eating our breakfast and the only picture of us during our whole weekend.

Our gorgeous view out our bedroom window
Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a wonderful blowing March Winds!

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