Sunday, October 24, 2010

Off to Pennsylvania for some R and R

After our busy time trying to fix up our home and sell it we headed to Pennsylvania for some R and R.  While traveling we had to make a detour to a  maintenance shop to figure out why the emergency engine light was on.  A very HOT day with no AC in the van.  It was Ang's job to  keep the campers hydrated, fed, and happy while Ace worked with the mechanic.

While in PA. we gathered at Ace's sisters house along with his sister Anne from Florida and Ace's parents form MI.  we took the opportunity to celebrate Ace's mom's 70'th birthday again. :-) 

The girls had fun playing with their cousins Lindsay and Emma.  They are playing Pretty Pretty Princess.  Loads of FUN!
We also had to celebrate Fathers day with a gigantic hamburger cake.  Uncle Tim gets first bite!

A Family Portrait!

A trip to Gettysburg for a car tour of the battlegrounds that went sour.  Note to self: next time do it with AC in the car.  We ended up detouring to Dairy Queen then calling it a day.  Have you ever met a grouchy missionary?
Weird things you see in PA.

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