Sunday, May 06, 2007

Planters Warts

Aurora's foot back in August 2006
*warning: This post may be visually graphic and may offend those who have stomachs that easily turn.

Those who see me daily have noticed my different gate. I wish I could say I am trying to be closer to God so therefore, I am walking on my tippy toes. I actually have a planters wart on my heal. I first noticed it upon my return from Christmas break. I started Duct tape treatments recommended by my Doctor.

After two months and some results but no healing I began Compound W medicated band aids. I noticed a change but ran out of medicated band aids and went back to the Duct tape. I then went to a favorite herbal web site and decided I would try minced garlic. If you already think feet stink ! Well needles to say the only thing that became of it was my wart stunk, turned green, and burned. Well back to Duct tape and some salicylic Acid.

For those who are wondering why not the Doctor well, I have set an appointment it's not until May 16th. My goal is to kill it before the Apt. Ace said I should sit on my leg until it becomes numb and then he will take his jack knife and cut it out. What do you think should I accept his offer? It sounds very tribal like don't you think?

My concern is that it will be healed by Jungle Camp. So when you see me hobbling by please say a quick prayer for healing. Thanks!