Friday, May 18, 2007

Wart Gone

  1. Praise the Lord my Planters wart is gone.
  2. Praise that I didn't have to go to the Doctor.
  3. Praise that it healed before Jungle Camp.

Thank you for all who prayed for my foot. It has been a hard four months and Ace and I are glad it is over. Thank you for all who gave me suggestions on what to put on the wart. I wish I could have tried them all just so I could give you a detailed list of what works and what doesn't. So, instead I will give you a list of all the suggestions that were made in case you have a PW someday then, you can give one a try.
  • Bleach - burns but works
  • Duoplant - local pharmacy
  • Homemade salve - made of beeswax, pine resin, and beef tallow
  • Tea tree oil
  • Colloidal Silver - Moist bandage/pad for five days on wart & take 1 Tbs. twice a day internally. 5-7 days before you see a change.
  • Banana peel - rub on wart
I hope you never experience having a PW because they are very painful. I surely didn't want to share with you about my PW because I'm embarrassed about it. Now I'm glad I did as many people have shared with me about their experience with them. I would have never guessed that so many people get them.