Monday, June 25, 2007

Jungle Camp Visitor

Well I was kinda wondering if God was giving me an example of what life is going to be like as a missionary. This month I have crossed paths with four snakes, all different. This snake was in my house wrapped around a pole next to Sam's head. I had put Sam in his highchair to eat an afternoon snack. When I noticed the snake the snake noticed us and started striking towards us. I couldn't get my baby away fast enough. After notifying the whole lower camp that I had a snake in my home we were rescued by brave men. They sentenced him to death by decapitation, and carried out the execution. Then they put his head on a stick and posted it outside my door for all snakes to beware. We didn't have any more snakes after that. Click here for internet Milk Snake Picture

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Rhonda said...

Oh dear, Ang....You are the woman!!! I think I would be outta that Jungle Camp in no time - with all my children in tow! I'm glad you were all ok - whew!