Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mail Call

Well I am excited to say the Glidewells got the most mail in Jungle Camp. Thank you so much for everyone who participated. We hung it on our walls so we would be reminded of everyone praying for us.

We received a total of 66 letters and five packages.
The largest package was sent by Kathy Patterson (Angela's Mom).
The funniest non letter was sent by Aaron Sterling (an empty envelope).
The most letters sent (21) goes to the children at Alton Bible Church.

A memory letter: God calls some to the factory, some to the Military, but the call to Missions is the greatest call of all. The field is large and the harvest is ripe, the reapers are few. Thank you for your obedience. -Justin Ford

A big apology about our Jungle Camp post card we sent out. Many of you don't know what I'm talking about as yours was probably returned to us. Some how the computer mixed names and addresses. Then those that did receive our post card may have gotten two or received the card just as were leaving Jungle Camp.

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