Wednesday, March 05, 2008

God's People Prayed

Last week Wednesday, while I was napping, my Husband went on a mission. He went two doors down to talk to the man who bought the home we are renting and asked him if we could rent the home from him for the next four months so we wouldn't have to move. What it would take financially for him to allow the Glidewell's to stay in the house we are in now? He liked what Ace had to say and said he would get back with Ace with a proposal. Ace then came home, he shot everyone on his e-mail list an urgent prayer request about the situation. He then left our home to go work at the hanger.

I woke up from my nap to check on the kids and then sit down to check e-mail messages. That's when I discovered Ace's prayer request. UGH! I was soooo mad. Why can't he have faith that God would provide a home? I immediately went back to my bedroom and got on my knees to talk to God.

When Ace returned he was excited, and of course I was not. I kept my mouth shut and my arms folded across my chest as I listened to all that was said and done while I was napping. Ace had total peace about his thoughts and actions; I on the other hand did not. This made Ace begin to doubt what he was thinking. In all we do, we are so very united in our thoughts and plans that my difference caused him to second guess what he felt was the Lord's leading. Ace explained why and what he was thinking. After hearing Ace's thoughts I began the "submission to my husband process" (something I just made up but I think it really does exist). I began to think maybe it's not Ace that needs faith that God will provide a home but it's me that needs faith that God will provide the money for us to stay in our currant home. Either way required much faith.

The new home owner called us and said yes he was willing to work with us and this is the amount he would need to make ends meet: $1850/mo. It was $350/mo more than what Ace was thinking we could afford but since we were dealing with faith, why set a limit on God? Neither of us was at peace with each others thoughts and without a wide open door for a place to stay, we were baffled about what to do. Since it was Wednesday night Ace was hoping to bring the prayer request to prayer meeting. (We're sure everyone on the email list brought it to their church prayer meetings!) The homeowner gave Ace until 10:00 p.m. to make his decision.

We arrived at church a few minutes late - late enough to miss prayer request time. So we were not able to share our problem. After church Ace was telling the housing story to a group of men (he's good at telling stories after church); when one of them (J.B.) asked if he could talk to Ace before he left. J.B. said that LAST WEEK God has placed it upon his heart to let us stay in his home. His home is smaller, but he could move out to go live with another family at church. He'd already talked with this family and they gave there approval. WOW! We are amazed at God's timing of it all. So, that evening we followed J.B. over to his home to see if it would work out. We toured the house with him, and considered it, in many ways, even better than the home we are in now! So we shook hand and agreed on moving dates for all! Praise the LORD! !

This world is not my home, I'm just passing thru:


~joanne said...

Tooo cool. Isn't GOD huge! What an answer to prayer. Faith meter is pegged!

Rhonda said...

It's SOOOO COOL to see God in action, isn't it?!