Thursday, March 20, 2008

Standing or Sitting? In The Need of Prayer

Remember us asking for prayer for my Father who was sick back in Dec./Jan. He did get better and the Dr.'s never did find out what was causing him to be sick.
This past two weeks my Dad can no longer walk or stand with out falling down. He went to the Dr. and they took x-ray's and said he has sever arthritis of the spine. Then the Dr. decided to send him to therapy. Well that came to a halt when my Mother called the Dr. and reported my Dad's condition was getting worse. So they sent him in for a MRI. After waiting for the results my Dad's condition kept getting worse so my Mother called again. This time they met with a back surgeon. Here is a list of problems with my Fathers back.

1) A disk out of place
2) Five to six disk have problems
3) Bulging disk
4) Tightening of the spine
5) Looks like there is nerve damage and may have to walk with a cane for
the rest of his life.
6) May have to fuse a disk together will depend on what they find when
they go into his back.

The nurses are trying to schedule surgery for Friday 3/21/08 @7:30 a.m. The Dr.'s want to get him in before he looses bowl and bladder control which will be a life long condition if he does. Normal back surgery takes 1 1/2 hours but my Dad's will probably take three hours. So if you think of my Dad this Friday morning please pray for him.
By the way his back problems have nothing to do with his illness in Dec./Jan. so they say.


~joanne said...

Ang.- We will lift him, your mom and you guys up in prayer. It's hard to be long distance when something like this is going on!! I think this is the 21st..right? Love you guys!!

Glidewell Family said...

Thanks Joanne yes your correct it's the 21st. Ang

Rhonda said...

Wow...many issues with his back. We will be praying for a successful surgery for your Dad. Please let us know how it goes.