Monday, April 14, 2008

Sun and Fun?

Well I have to say it was not fun but there was a lot of SUN! Sun and Fun is an air show and is very similar to Oshkosh. I only went because I love my husband and knew he would love for us to be there. The weather for the day was 85 sunny partly cloudy with very little breeze. The air show was from 12:30 - 4:50
Can you tell we are miserable?
Aurora asked every five minutes if she could go home.

With the family and Airplanes life can't get any better.
Too much sun!
Piper didn't get any sunburn!
I forgot the name of these airplanes.

A typical aviation conversation you've got to use your hand to tell the story.
The Grand finally US Air Force Thunderbird's!
They were very loud and very fast and they make waiting in the hot sun worth the pain.
ear plugs any one?
The highlight for us was running into a friend from Michigan, and getting news from home! He worked with Ace at SMAT and also goes to one of our supporting churches Kent City Baptist.
Thanks Mark for the fellowship and the scoop on MI. events.


Whatleys' World said...

Great! :) I'm sure Ace appreciated your all's sacrifice!! :) The pictures of the planes turned out awesome. :)

Ben & Ruth said...

Looks like a good time to me...
Must be a guy thing....


Wes & Brenda said...

Way to go, Piper!
Nice pictures!