Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Baby Shower?

It is so neat to be at a church that celebrates every baby's arrival. We were given a baby shower to celebrate Baby Glidewell #6 I had mixed emotions about having a shower since where I come from we only have one. But God worked in my heart and I'm glad we celebrated this baby's arrival.
I just said to Ace the other day "Do you realize we wouldn't know this baby if we didn't loose Moses?"

A very special lady in our church makes the shower cakes and it is a highlight for me each shower to see what she has designed. At each shower we sing two songs picked out by the honored mother to be. I choose "Jesus Loves me" just because it was on the cake and of course I'm a kid at heart. Later I found out the lady who made the cake had not heard of the song until she was about 28 years old. She was saved later in life. Praise The Lord she has heard the Good News!
The girls were so excited about this day. More excited than I since sitting in front of people and being honored is a very hard thing to do. Many of the ladies commented that at least I had my daughters up front with me to keep me company. I laughed because I worried that they would do something that would embarrass me.
Ace had to tow a banner during the shower so I had to bring Sam. Although I was cramped and crowded with my huge tummy and a 30lb. boy on my lap. He did sit quietly during the devotional.
Our Pastors wife gave the devotional and I was very challenged and so were some of the other ladies. - Thank You Susan!

The Gifts -lots of diapers a few little somethings and a new stroller.
In with the new and out with the old.
Notice the blue & yellow duct tape that holds our old stroller together. Thank you ladies for your generosity!
Pictures are taken by Piper

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