Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Our next door neighbors had an unwanted tenant. This little guy decided to spray while living under our neighbors home. So the hunt began! The men on camp were on a mission. First seal up all holes leaving only one exit. It took a couple of weeks but we were excited when they finally caught the fellow. I just want you to know the smell from their home was strong and I couldn't imagine living in the trailer during this time.
Waiting for his trial.
I laugh because of all the men on campus that have guns who could have ended this troublemakers life and they call in a woman to do the job.
Well, that's all folks did you know skunks marry for life and that two days later we smelled skunk again. We didn't catch the partner in crime hoped he or she moved on.

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~joanne said...

Skunk in the barn yard..pee you!
Who did it come from..from you!