Saturday, October 30, 2010

One Last Hurrah in MI., Florida, & Travels

     Ang's Parents are very creative and want to make memories every moment they can get.  When it came closer to our departure they kept thinking of one more thing to do.  One event that we miss out on is Homemade Chinese which is made every New Years Day.  It is an all day project with all the chopping and preparing.  So we had to make Chinese before we left.
Papa sitting at the table surrounded with all his grand babies and lots of egg-rolls

Ang's Sister thought it would be a fun summer project for the kids to tie-dye T shirts.  So while Ang was packing like crazy the kids were having some fun.
Everyone sporting their new shirts

Traveling to Florida we got a flat trailer tire it even blew off the fender of the trailer.  We were in Indiana on a piece of Highway that had a lot of tire carnage so much so, that it was impossible to drive around it.  We were not surprised that we joined the many who lost their tires.  We were thinking something must have been on the road.
We found a Wal-mart 21 miles away who had a tire and tools we could use but they wouldn't do the work.  Ace changed the tire and we were off.

Arriving in Florida we were flagged down by friends who told us the family we were going to for dinner had just been in a car accident and they are now being taken to the hospital.  Two children were thrown from the vehicle.  We immediately went into prayer mode and wondered if we arrived in time for a funeral.
The accident scene.  They rolled the car a few times and went thru two fences!
We were soooo thankful that there was no funeral and God spared all their lives.  You can read about their accident on their blog here.
Florida bugs which I DO NOT! miss
Florida was a short visit and so wish we could spend more time visiting everyone.  But I think we were at the end of our social capabilities and very anxious to get home.  You know you've traveled to long when your nesting instincts become active every time you enter someone's home.  LOL

Back on the road again Sam & Cherry camping out

We had to stop a the Biggest rest stop in Texas.  Anyone else been there?  I had to take this picture because I thought of my sister Becky who we call Bucky.  Nice bathroom facilities by the way; the only one the whole trip.

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