Monday, February 06, 2012

A Visit to the Cotton Gin

Cotton Modules
loading on to the feeder
Feeder cleaning out stick, leaves, and debris.
Removing seeds
5,000 lbs of pressure to make a 500lb bale of cotton.  This bale can make over 300 dresses.
Samples of cotton are taken from each bale an are tested for length and thickness and given a Grade
Each bale is given a bar code that stays with it for life. This bar code tells all about the cotton, where it came from and its Grade.
A Big Pile of Cotton Seed
Cute babies dressed in cotton!
Going to see the cotton bales.  This is our large homeschool group.
Everyone was given some cotton to take home
And we were all given some cotton seed too.
Because of the loud noise our tour guide was hard to hear so the kids got board quickly.
Kids finding shade
Here it is, the life time identity of this cotton bale.
Hope you enjoyed the tour, we did!  Gin stands for engine in case you were wondering.  I liked this video on Cotton found on You Tube.  I wish there was a good video on Eli Whitney who invented the cotton gin but couldn't find one.

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