Monday, February 20, 2012

Time is Flying By

A lot has been happening here.

House #8 has been painted.  I still need to get a picture of it.  Choosing the color was very hard for me.  I finally picked one. Randomly! Yeah!  The volunteers asked me to come see if its the right color.  And, it is!  I guess they were trying to decide if it was gray or green.  Ace said its split pea soup.  Yesterday, when up close it looked blue.  We are in the shade of the carport so you can't tell, but the sun really bleaches out the color.  So, every time I look at the house in the sun, it looks white.  Now I know why all the houses in Arizona are brightly painted or are dirt color.  The dirt is always blowing so the houses get very dirty and the sun bleaches the color out of the paint.  So you just might as well paint them dirt color.
I was overwhelmed by a surprise box!  The Ladies at Alton Bible Church, our sending church sent me a care package.  It felt like a spa for my body and my soul.  Lots of fun thing like lotions, spiritual CD's, devotional books, chocolate, bath soaps and so much more.  As I read their cards and notes I cried.  Thank you so much ladies.  You were and encouragement to me.
They even sent a little something for the kiddos for Valentines Day.

 The kiddos are working on their cars for the Grand Prix, a time consuming activity, and a whole other blog about that!

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