Wednesday, January 02, 2013

I Had A Dream
There are times that my heart swells up with sadness.  (I know that a lot of it has to do with perimenopause hormones.)  Last night was one of those times where my heart was incredibly sad.   To allow myself to feel better a good cry is in order.  So I cried myself to sleep.  Your probably wondering why am I so sad?  Well, the unfairness of having a house built for you and not being able to live in it.  Yes, it was our decision not to live in it, but their is still a grieving  process to go thru.  The unkindness of NTMA to make a no indoor pet policy decision.   Our home in Lowell, MI that won't sell, locking up our finances so we are unable to purchase a home.  And no homes in our area to rent.  

Everyday I examine my heart am I sinning?  Am I making pets my God?  Do I need counseling?  And every sermon I listen to I look for answers for why God is putting us thru these struggles.  I don't have any answers.  Maybe you do?  I have made decisions to be content in my circumstance.  I have made a decision to not desire pets any longer.  My family has not done the same.  My children still cry about it.  They beg for pets.  They ask to be excused from school work to go pet the neighbors dog or cat.  My Husband longs for pets too.  They are constant reminders to me of my desires not to think about pets. :-/

Well, I didn't mean to download on you.

What I wanted to share with you as I cried myself to sleep in bad thought and in prayer to God.  He gave me a dream.  Here it is.....

Ace lead me into a beautiful and rich log cabin that was to be our home.  As I looked around there was a basket of two puppies and as I was about to pick one up Ace said  "that is not all" and handed me a Yorkie puppy, which is my favorite. 

Yorkie Puppy

I woke up instantly very Happy!  And I knew this was a Love dream, a gift from God.  He is there walking along my side.  This is silly because I've know he has been there all along.  Sometimes we need little gifts from Him to know we're not in this world alone.  

I quite often think of my Wendy's Frosty.  Thank You Lord for My Wendy's Frosty.  I still remember it.

Bonus Story....

I worked at the Grand Rapids press in the Classified Section.  I usually get off from work at 2:30pm.  This evening was Friday which usually meant working later because of all the Sunday adds.  It was past 8:00pm and my brain said, "boy, a Wendy's Frosty sure sounds good".  When two seconds later, in walks a sales rep with two Wendy's Frosty's one for me and one for him.  I was sooo amazed by God.  He knew, way before I even thought of it.  He knows too that someday I'll live in a home where we can have indoor pets.    If God gave me a Frosty which I think is small and minor He too can give me a home and pets.

Do you have a Wendy's Frosty in your life?

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Mama K said...

I love God's love gifts to us. He knows your heart, Ang. I love when he gives us little things just to let us know He's thinking of us, He's walking with us, and he Knows and cares and loves us. <3

I don't understand it all, but I do not think there is any sin in your desire for a home and pets, because you continue to trust God for it and leave the answers with him. Keep on guarding your heart. And for the record, talking with a person who gets it is always a good idea, whether a counselor or a good, wise friend. As long as it is someone who will encourage your walk with God, I think it is a good thing. We need people. Go for it! ;-)