Sunday, September 23, 2012

Were back from our Home Assignment

Wow what a wonderful time we had visiting our supporting churches, friends, and family.  And seeing Michigan again, it was an ah moment.  Everyone's yard is phenomenal.  Ace and I were trying to figure out why Michiganders  plant so many plants in their yards?   During this visit,  Michigan looked to us like a jungle.  And all the stores were immaculate which caused me for some reason to break out in tears.   I think it was culture shock.

OK here are the Highlights........
Enjoying some snow

Living at the Sarver home.  God has blessed the Sarvers with a large home that will fit our family and theirs and we so enjoyed getting to know them and also listening to them play the piano and viola every day.

Sleeping under the stairs in the Sarver basement.

Enjoying the Sarver pets.  Bailey the Dog, whose love language is food.  I think Gary Chapman should add a 6th love language to his book just for Bailey.  The Sarvers have 2 dogs and 3 cats who all got lots of hugs from the Glidewell children.
Since we're on the subject of Dogs we enjoyed spending time with Jesse puppy.  Since she was born here at NTMA campus and went to live in MI. with Ang's parents, it feels like shes part of our family.
Spending time with Ang's family around the campfire.  Telling campfire stories is a family tradition.
Ace and Ang enjoyed a date weekend at Frankenmuth sponsored by friends.

Five of our children getting Strep Throat
A day spent at John Ball Zoo with Cousins
A weekend spent in Ohio with the Durfey family.  Carl are you standing on something?????  While visiting the Durfey's half of our children were sick again.  I was suspicious that it was "Return of the Strep Throat".  But it wasn't.  Every picture of  Stormie her eyes were closed.  She also had a fever and was being a good sport. :-(  Ruben your way tooo cute and Cherry misses holding your hand. 
Two men talking in a foreign language; something about cubic inches, torque converters, and gear lube.  Who knows??
Visiting Lehman's
Sleeping children after Lehman's

I sliced my finger while cutting a watermelon.  I am now scared of watermelons.  The interesting thing is, just yesterday the tip of my finger nail broke off because the knife cut into my finger nail.  Yep there is fingernail under that sliced skin.  Sam and I now have matching fingers.
Ace sharing with churches
Alton Bible Church had a Thanksgiving potluck for us March.  We mentioned our love for ABC's Thanksgiving potluck on Facebook and they decided to celebrate it with us.  Just to let you know its not about the food its about the Testimonies of Thankfulness!  Cherry is showing us her eyeball, er, meatball.  When she points she has to close one eye.  LOL
We watched Blake propose to Courtney that day.....and on top of ALL that, the Church gave us $800.00 towards a new frig! (see pic below.)  It was a fabulous day!
Having Fun!  Underwear super hero's.  I think they were really supposed to be folding laundry. :-/

Ace bought a motorcycle to save on gas money.  As he commuted up North to help a friend with his business.  Plan is to sell it when we got home, but is still sits happily along side the BWV in the carport.
Potty training Cherry.  I thought she was cute with her legs crossed.

Family pictures taken for our prayer cards.  Thank You Sarah!
 The kids saved their allowance to go to Cedar Point. Then we were blessed with someone buying our tickets.  Thank You Simmons!
Sam and Aurora enjoy  Gemini Jr. at Cedar Point
Celebrated Holidays like Easter Sunday
Memorial Day

and 4th of July with The Glidewell FamilyWe haven't been all together in maybe 10 years?  We don't know how much longer Pop pop (Ace's Dad) has with us so it was exciting for all of to get together.  Boy was it a HOT day.

And just before we left Michigan we found two frigs at Lowe's in there scratch and dent.  Got them for a great deal, both for less than the price of one non-dent!  Thank You Alton Bible friends and all those who gave too.


Anonymous said...

What great pictures!!! We have five bags of clothes for the girls that a girl in our church wants them to have. (Sorry, boy clothes) We will decide if we have room this winter or we will ship them instead. So excited to see all of you again. The adventure continues!!!!! Wayne and Jude Heringer

Loni said...

Enjoyed reading! But I do think someday the girls might be mortified of the underwear and potty pics! LOL! At least you can get by with it now! :)

Anonymous said...

Caleys say- ha ha- I agree with Loni on those embarrassing pix!!. hey cool to read all your nrews guys and the pix are great. Love and God bless from chilly England :)

Unknown said...

Greatly enjoyed catching up!! So greatly enjoyed your visit with us. We are praying God continues to bless your family as you serve our LORD and Saviour.
Cox family